Madalyn Chaffin Strategic Plan For Apple Inc.

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Madalyn Chaffin Strategic Plan for Apple Inc. CO 469V-03 Capstone Dr. Carroll

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis
Apple Inc. needs a communication plan to strengthening the company image and rebuild confidence and retention, specifically among the investors. The effectiveness of the communication plan could be limited by Apple Inc. communication concerns leading to threatened credibility of information, the competitive business environment and the current economic downturn. Apple Inc. can provide information to the active public of investors about financial status and the health status of Steve Jobs with confidence and certainty. This will help give the investors a sense of inclusion and stability while resolving the situation. Apple Inc. wants to be known as the company honestly providing the best product and service while making a profit under any leader. There are three goals: • To reestablish Apple’s image as a honest and profitable company. • To maintain investor support. • To ensure investors of the ability to resolve the communication concern while still making a profit.

Our communication objectives are to: 1. To have an effect of awareness, particularly to increase knowledge of financial stability for Apple Inc. with or without Steve Jobs and increase the confidence in leadership chosen to take his position at a interim level. (75 percent within two weeks) 2. To have an effect of acceptance, specifically to regain trust in Apple from the investors driving the value of Apple’s stock. (45 percent within four weeks) 3. To have an effect of acceptance, by investors supporting Apple’s decisions. (35 percent within four weeks) 4. To have an effect of action, specifically by maintaining all current investors. (100 percent within four weeks) 5. To have an effect of action, particularly to increase share prices by purchasing more stock in Apple. (15 percent within 6 weeks) Communication Strategies Our proactive strategies are to involve investors in meetings and discussions about the future of Apple with or without Steve Jobs, offer an opportunity for investors to express questions, concerns and opinions and for Apple to continue to product excellent products, which are superior to the competitors, while growing financially under the interim leader. Our reactive strategies are to explain the actions and decisions causing the communication concern and the resolution, explain the communication concern resulted as an attempt to maintain confidence in Apple, to not make Jobs’ health a larger issue than it is and express that Apple is not indifferent about the customer’s or investor’s thoughts or about Jobs’ health. Description Our communication plan consists of the following:

In order to increase investor confidence, Apple Inc. will use Steve Jobs, CEO, Tim Cook, previous interim CEO and Arthur Levinson, Chairman of the Board of Investors, as spokespeople. Our rational appeals are factual propositions of correcting the concern throughout all publics including how Apple will remain profitable and value propositions stating the importance of investors and economic success to Apple. Our emotional appeals are to positive emotions such as loyalty through Apple’s loyalty to investors through correcting the concern and continuing in profit and esteem in Apple’s position in the marketplace as the producers of the highest quality products, along with the negative emotion of fear of no longer supporting the most financially successful electronics company. One point of view that all acts of Apple will be conducive to growth and success with or without Steve Jobs will be presented. One conclusion that Apple will do everything in their power regardless of who fills the leadership role to resolve the communication concern and continue making the best product resulting in profit will be drawn. The message clarity will be increased to a Fog Index of 9th grade. The message will include power words such as “ best