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Today, i want to share with you about museums that i did go before or i just went a couple days ago. Before, i lived in Viet Nam and did go museums in my country. I remembered, when the first time i came to the museum from my high school organized for students visited the museum, everything in there make me felt happy and comfortable, i learned many things from that museum and had a great visited with my fiends and the teacher. But now, i leaved from my country and moved out to live in the U.S., in here, with me have a lot of different with my country and i tried to get to learn many things from the people, especially, i learned a lot of thing from outside of the life. I began to come back to school. In this semester, i did take four classes a me very close with art. I want to get to reach desire to with the art that i did try to visit the art museum with my couple classmates in the U.S. This is a first time i visited the museum in the U.S, i would try to visit the modern art museum of Fort Worth which i did know some works from my class and it is also close from my house to go there, of course, it is widely known and famous. The overview of the museum when i was standing in the front, it is so wonderful and a big building such as i and my classmates were ready to explore what is happening inside that big building. Everything inside the museum are great and enticing, it lured me want to discover everything in this art museum, also it made me feel comfortable to enjoy many works here with the huge space and the good security.

In this art museum, i have studied many things and i really liked a lot of work right here, the work i have learned in class, the work i did see somewhere and the work i did know from my knowlegde. But three of them, made me so interesting when i was exploring the art work. First, i want to tell about the ladder for Booker T.Washington made in 1996 by Martin Puryear, this work is expressive sculpture and the craft traditional of woodwork which made the people know something ups and downs about sidestep of the ladder and the people never had the impossibility of reaching the top.And the second artwork, i would like to share with you about the Conjoined by Roxy Paine made in 2007, i absolutely love this sculpture when i walked into the Modern backyard instead of through the front door, not realizing this new sculpture was there, this work make me had to think about it, i thought about the life, people have the cohesion and share everything, together. This sculpture is a great addition to the modern and it must be amazing when you enter to the Modern Art Museum. And the final artwork which i did really like it in the best, i am talking about Untitled from Terminal Series by Larry Bell, made in 1968. I did really like this sculpture, because it is really light and too much clearly with the glass cube and it manifests the “less is