Aryan Myth Notes Essay

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Pages: 3 What is the Aryan Race:
● Racial grouping normally used to describe people of European Heritage
● Mainly used during the 19th and 20th century Nazi View on the Aryan race
● The nazi upper hierarchy determined their “master Race” to be that of the Aryan race
● Looked upon themselves as “pure” humans and all other races to be subhuman
● Believed that the “pure” germans were descended from the Nordic People
● Hitler And the nazi party began to spread propaganda glorifying the Aryan race and putting down all other races
● The Nazi party began to attempt to shape the german populations ideas to think that non aryans should be sterilized and unallowed to repopulate while the aryans should repopulate the world
● As the second world war started, the german army began to exterminate non aryans throughout europe by the thousands
● throughout schools in germany, students were drilled with the idealogies of blood purity and severely warned of the consequences of any relationships with lesser races
● hitler imposed these measures in order to normalize these ideas into a new generation of germans
● Hitler used to use pseudoscience such as measuring peoples body proportions in order to determine if they fit his race or not Nazi eugenics:
● Nazi party ruled that people of aryan race were forbidden to marry and reproduce with non aryans in order to maintain their purity and after the nuremberg laws all aryans who married lesser races were imprisoned while the other spouse would be sent to a concentration camp
● thousands of non aryans were forcibly sterilized, including those with physical and mental disabilities
● Hitler began recruiting healthy aryan males in order for them to impregnate healthy aryan females in an attempt to breed his pure aryan race, babies that did not fit his requirements or were seen to be born with a disability were killed and seen as a waste of food
● Hitler additionally placed a great value on those males with superior physical strength and height, and promoted any soldier who was above 6 feet 6 inches to his SS

“The Aryan race is