As I Lay Dying Essay

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Jordyn Flaherty Although Addie Bundren only really has one part in the novel As I Lay Dying she influences each of the other characters throughout the entire book. She is the reason for everything that happens. If she hadn’t died and requested to be buried in Jefferson the journey would have never been made. Addie is constantly in the middle of everything even though it doesn’t directly involve her. She died, forcing Dewey Dell and Vardaman to mature earlier than they usually would have. Her death puts Anse in charge of the children causing tension throughout the novel. Her death especially causes problems between Jewel and the other family members because he seems to be the only one that actually wants to honor her wishes. As soon as Addie passes Dewey Dell is given the responsibilities Addie had. On page 50, Anse watches Addie die and as soon as she’s gone he tells Dewey Dell to make dinner. Immediately passing on the responsibilities. Now Dewey Dell has to handle more chores as well as dealing with and hiding a pregnancy without her mother. Also, Vardaman must learn to deal with her death with barely any comforting. Since they are the two youngest they are the ones who need Addie the most, besides Jewel and because Anse isn’t the type to deal with the grief of her death with them, they have to deal with it on their own. I think that Addie would have helped Dewey Dell through the pregnancy and I don’t think she was done teaching Vardaman how to grow up. It seems that Addie used to keep the tension low between Anse and the children. However, now that Addie is gone there is no one to stop Anse from doing stupid things and standing up for the kids. If Addie had been alive she never would have let Anse trade Jewels horse or put cement on Cash’s leg. Addie seems like she was the…