Ash Hollow Short Story

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After another 4 days of slow, silent roaming beside our wagon we had a much more peaceful encounter at Alcove Springs. The voyage there was filed with many wooden groves, towering grasslands, beautiful wildflowers and small hills. This was definitely a sign that Sue and Jesse were watching out for us and we had little trouble getting to the wooded glade. We were greeted to a refreshing, clear stream or water that ran over a rock overhang to a pool ten feet down. There was an abundance of oak, cottonwood, walnut, and sycamore trees around us, we decided to camp here for six days or until the Big Blue River lowered, so we would be able to pass safely.
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Letters I received at Fort Kearny, from my friends who have already traveled farther West, informed me that Ash Hollow would provide the rest we are so much in need of. Our kids will love the gorgeous oasis and our animals will have endless amounts of fresh grass. They stated that they camped there for a good two weeks and the spring water is the cleanest on the whole trail.” Well, I better get to helping my family tie the oxen to the back of the wagon, so that we can use them as brakes when going down this sheer drop down the …show more content…
Daniel told me it looked more like a trunk of a tree for, a distance, but once we approached the wall, he stated something about its resemblance to the “long pile of bricks coming from the top of our house in Independence.” I assume he was talking about our chimney, but sometimes it is hard to tell with that imagination of his. The rock was was definitely on of the most famous landmarks, so far. The top layer is what I thought was a very delicate material which is quickly deteriorating. I still don't understand how the rock stands so far in the air without collapsing. Mary is almost two and we plan to celebrate her birthday when we enter Scotts Bluff and it should take around two days to travel there. Her birthday is in 3 days, so I better get back to the trail!