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ASSESMENT 1 I am running a franchise of subways at Thomastown it is a big organization all over the world. In my restaurant 123 employees working, it shows that it is a big organization. Today, I am going to explain you what we make and how we provide service to customer policy and procedures. Staff We have a store manager, 17 shift managers 10 permanent cru trainer’s cru, 10 casual staff, and we hire a cleaner for cleaning. Machinery and technology used: We set our subways according to international McDonald standard policy, Like store map equipments staff and policy and procedures Consultation process with relevant group:- Raw Food supplier
Equipment supplier
Cleaning agencies
Operational plan:- Operational plan
Order row material
Store manager
Collect all ingredients for food products
Food production manager Collect all equipment
Shift manager
Make food raw material ready
Production manager and cru
Making tables ready
Clean dishes
Equipment check
Shift Manager
Cost effective: - We have to make ready breakfast 5am and finish at 10. 30. We serve all kinds of McDonald food and drinks. We sell the products on reasonable prices.

Commencement:- We will get approval from the manager about the task according to the operational plan and will be sighed from another senior member like as team leader, head chef and which is involve to the organization. Keep performance indicator:- According to the operational plan we should be check all staff performance many things are measurable. That does not make them key to the organization's success. In selecting Key Performance Indicators, it is critical to limit them to those factors that are essential to the organization reaching its goals. It is also important to keep the number of Key Performance Indicators small just to keep everyone's attention focused on achieving the same KPI we should be check stock and raw food material on time for the serving on time because we have to deliver on time and in the kitchen should be check staff working techniques because head chef firstly check in the morning before starting and PPE according to the OHS Risk analysis:- Risk
Control measure
Knife injury or Burning hands
We should be wear PPE and making properly
Production manager
Equipment fault
We have already extra equipment in our kitchen
Shift manager
Sick staff We have already extra staff in the kitchen
Shift manger
Delivery van fault
Should be arrange another car for the delivery
Store manger

Identify poor performance:- Poor performance is not always a deliberate act on the part of the staff member. There will be many occasions where a staff member performance is not up to stretch because he or she has not enough training on the work to be done for this reason, you must communicate very carefully in a feedback situation, language-both verbal and body play a critical part in the way you are perceived by others, so try to avoid coming across as being too critical under no circumstances should you allow yourself to get energy or emotional with your staff members we have available customer feedback form so that we can identify poor performance from the customer feedback and then log sheet can help organization to improve poor performance of the staff .we have to organize the counseling for the staff so that we have to provide training for the poor performer so trough the training session staff will be improve. In the last we will give them first warning after the month and then after few days give them last and second letter if performer is better than before so give them back start working otherwise leave that company


I am running a franchise o f McDonald at chealthnam; it is a big organization all over the world. In my restaurant 150 employees working it shows it is a big organization today i am going to explain you what we make and