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Dear Mr Green,

I have gone over your personal injury claim and have seen you have occurred a serious back injury Mr Green whilst being in a car, you have claimed that Sally Brown caused the accident and that your loss of salary and expenses will roughly be around £50.000 pounds.
As you have never had any involvement before in a legal case I will therefor go through the main stages and procedure’s that you will over go throughout the case.
Firstly the solicitor will interview you about the incident and the claim you want to over go and follow through by discussing the grievances. The solicitor will advise whether the court trial is appropriate and the costs which will be involved throughout the trial of your personal injury claim. After the first lot of stages you will have another meeting and will arrange a no win no fee arrangement to help you will the costs included the trial and throughout. Later on the solicitor will retrieve and collect all the evidence that he can from you and the witnesses from the scene.
The solicitor will undergo interviews with some of the other witnesses who were there at the scene of the time and get information for evidence from them to help strengthen your case when going through trial.
Before the trial takes place the solicitor will prepare all the court documents if appropriate for the court trial to help advance your case the best you can. If the costs for your injury claim are below £50.000 pounds then it will take place in the county court therefore the solicitor can act as advocate for the client, this is when the solicitor puts them self into the clients shoes, this would be you, and then act on behalf of you. When the solicitor is advocate for the client the solicitor represents the client in court and puts forward the case in which it will be yours.
To finish off before the court trial has come, the solicitor will cross examine any witnesses from the other side so s/he can strengthen the case and see if there are any mistakes or unreliable witnesses giving evidence throughout the case trial.
If the expenses and salary sum turns out to be above £50.000 then the case will go to the high court not the county court and as it is in the high court a barrister will be engaged. Also there will be defiantly be a barrister being advocate for you, the client. The solicitor will then share his notes and documents with information about the case with the barrister as the barrister will represent the client, you in court. After that the barrister will prepare the documents which the solicitor has collected for the trial if appropriate.
As the barrister acts as advocate for the litigant and represent the client in court, he or she will put forward the client’s case as in you. The barrister does the same as the solicitor and tries to persuade the judge that his case is the strongest one and that they should win the case. Also if the money does become more than £50.000 and it goes through to the high court the barrister will also cross examine any witnesses from the other side, for the same reasons the solicitor does so.
As of now the civil court judges have a wider role than a criminal court judge. They act as court and trial manager. Some of these features are to make trials more efficient to save time and money. Another is judges are in charge of this and must ensure lawyers deal with cases as speedy as possible to ensure that no costs are being taken from you because of lawyers wanting to take their time and get more money out of the case when it not needed. However because types of dispute, resolution are often quicker and cheaper and judges must encourage parties (litigants) to attempt to