Assessment: Management and Line Manager Essay

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The first line manager supervise the overall performance of staff in the department, provides excellent leadership to help people perform at their best by clear guidance, instruction, equal access to opportunities and coaching. Deals with employees` service/ production problems, and keeps the middle managers and executive managers informed of problems and successes at ground level in the company. The manager should get to know employees as individuals, treat them equally, and provide clear direction for them. Sets an example by demonstrating strong personal commitment of the team`s goals. Communicates high personal standards informally, in conversation and in appearance and fosters stability and continuity by being completely aware of organizational policies. Recruits employees, responsible for planning the aims and objectives, priorities of the work and share this with the team. Identifies problems, creates choices and provides alternative courses of actions and must have the authority to make decisions that directly affect company line activities such as production, sales, marketing, customer service, and operational processes and procedures. Where appropriate enables staff to input ideas, and consults on change and development. He/ She has to be clear about expectations for quality, accuracy, timeliness of work expected from the team. The manager makes the maximum effort, as early as possible to establish departmental and group purposes, in a cost-effective, inclusive way that makes the best use of resources within its control to achieve plans. Through motivating and developing to perform higher performance. Has to analyze, report and give recommendations to develop strategies on how to improve quality and quantity. Provides overall feedback, to all stakeholders if possible and works out compensations and rewards. The manager has to identify, monitor and manage internal and external stakeholders` influence, importance and need.

The first supporting value is integrity. The first line manager should always regard honesty, truthfulness, and integrity as very important and plan to continue demonstrating these values throughout life and future career. Morals and ethics are crucial in the professional world. The manager has to plan to ensure the customers receive the highest quality of service possible and would personally hold himself responsible otherwise. Would not allow his integrity to be compromised and expects the same exceptional service from the viewpoint of every other individuals, they deserve to feel like a priority and worthy of the best service that can be offered.
Another one of the supporting values is responsibility. It is Important for the line manager to be reliable and dependable because without those qualities, the organization and community will suffer. This would let down the employees as well as customers that are in need of the services the organization provides. Should want to enhance the responsibility core value by becoming an active member of his future community in an effort to assess the needs of customers and improve services.
The final supporting value is professionalism. This value had to be chosen in his core values because professional career will serve as an integral component shaping the life in the future. The first line manager attempts to display professionalism in every position he holds. Specifically, when working as a manager of a small organization, pride can be taken from the fact that being very knowledgeable about the position and the duties he/she is responsible for. The manager is dedicated to work and feel obligated to make sure employees perform at their best. Has to plan to continue exhibiting this value because it will greatly influence the future career.
The first goal which should be accomplished to develop, improve, and encourage more involvement in current interpersonal relationships while establishing meaningful