People Are Obligated To Help The Needy

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Sandra Agee
PHI 208
Instructor: Shawn Lorenzen
March 17, 2014


We are a people are obligated to help the needy. A person can be needy for a number of reasons. When you look at a person that gets out of their car at the handicap sign most of the time you cannot tell that they are disabled but they have that sign. There can be a number of reasons why a person is needy like homeless due to a house fire, death in their family, mental illness, victims of crimes, sick, unemployed, disabled, and this is just a few. The needy have a culture of their own and may be opposed to being helped. The mental health services as been cut due to budget cuts in many states but there are training programs, housing, and many other services available for the needy that are in place to help the needy but as authored by (Temkin 2004) “you don’t know if they are going to act on them”. The humanitarian efforts are good to help the unfortunate because it characterizes individuals as agent relative because money is not the only way to help the needy. Are those with more morally required to give aid to those with less? The people that are morally can be characterized as have agent neutral reasons that require them to give aid to those with less such as the church leaders. The church leaders have are required to by God to be holy and help and love the needy. A quote from the Bible Book Galatians Chapter 6:10 “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” is a verse that validates what the Christians are to do for the needy.
.Is it wrong to enjoy luxuries when others lack basic needs? It is not wrong to enjoy luxuries when others lack basic needs because the needy have a culture of their own as presented by the rescue of Ted Williams. He was homeless and had a magnificent voice. He was seen on the sidewalk with a sign and someone from the media answered his sign and overnight he was a sensation. However, he was an alcoholic and all the fame and money he got did not help. He relapsed on alcohol and drugs.
Should we regard all people as having equal worth and dignity? We should regard all people as having equal work and dignity. This an utilitarian theory for the greatest good for all people and by doing this we will be able to examine what is not right so that we can see what the wrong thing is. While driving down the street in rush house traffic after picking up your kids from school and you see a Caucasian woman, 51years old, skinny, crying and standing on the corner in freezing weather temperatures, with a sign that says “Homeless and Hungry, 51 years old Veteran Help if you can God Bless Thank You”. She dashes in the street and someone give her money and returns back to the curb and you pull up and give her money and you can see the tears in her eyes and she is wearing a grey hoodie over her head and she grabs the money and says thank you and you say you don’t have to thank me God Bless You. You turn to your children and council them about being in the world and how people can make mistakes and this lady is a veteran and this is not what people are supposed to be doing and for them to see this lady as a lesson for them not to do.
What does that imply about our obligations toward them when they are in need? That becoming homeless has no boundaries in race or gender and to be homeless does not require any skills but it does require understanding. A person can become homeless from not paying their gas and light bill. There are so many people that live in poverty in the world that it would be hard to eliminate it but it is important to know that money is not the only way to help the needy. The wealthy have a responsibility to equality when it comes to the poor but some of them might think the poor is no so well off because of some of their actions. The Congress of