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Assignment 1a

Working at Bartels Lutheran Retirement Home is the most successful job I’ve ever had. I was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) there for two years. I helped a wide variety of ages with daily necessities. During those two years I had a lot of responsibilities on my plate. In order to be a CNA there are a lot of “jobs” all in one.
The responsibilities of being a CNA vary. Leadership, Respect, and Hardworking are the main characteristics required. Although I used these traits in a retirement home, they also are very helpful in a hospital setting or just taking care of a grandparent. Each trait has helped me in every job task I have done. These three traits have also helped me in life; not just in the work field.
Leadership- Leadership helps in many different ways in my work setting. Being a leader in a nursing field helps with being a team member. A lot of the jobs I was given were very new to me and hard to understand. but after getting the hang of it I was able to become a leader to others. I helped a lot of new CNA’s coming into the work field, I also helped my other co-workers with bathing, showering, cleaning, bathroom assistance, and also just being a friend to talk with. Having leadership showed my other co-workers I was someone they could rely on. Without a CNA having this trait the nursing field wouldn’t be where it is today.
Respect- Respect comes along ways in the nursing field. It is the main key to life. At Bartels, respect makes your “co-workers” become family. Showing someone you respect how they do things or how they approach things also gains friendship; friendship with your