Assignment 2 Critical Infrastructure Pr Essay

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Assignment 2 – Critical Infrastructure Protection
Saifullah Al Jalil Aman
Professor – Dr. Constance Blanson
November 14, 2014

The Department of Homeland Security has a basic mission to protect the United States of America from the numerous dangers that it confronts. This requires the commitment of over 240,000 workers in employments that run from aviation as well as outskirt security to emergency reaction, from cybersecurity investigator to chemical facility auditor. The obligations of the Homeland Security Agency are boundless, yet their objective is quite clear, to preserve safety in America.
Each of the distinctive branches inside The Department of Homeland Security is distinct yet plays a complex impact that makes up the whole Department of Homeland Security. With each of these offices being partitioned, every agency has their own particular objectives and statements of purpose. The Department of Homeland Security consists of no less than a dozen distinctive subcomponents and offices.
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team or otherwise known as US-CERT is an organization between the Department of Homeland Security and the community as well as the private divisions. Created in 2003 to ensure the country's Internet infrastructure, US-CERT manages safeguards against and reactions to digital strike over the United States.
The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office or otherwise known as DNDO is a mutually staffed office built to enhance the United States’ competence to discover and report unapproved endeavors to import, own, store, advance, or transmit nuclear or radiological material for utilization against the Nation, and to further upgrade this capacity after some time.
FEMA’s Division deals with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and executes an assortment of programs approved by Congress to decrease losses that may come about because of natural disasters.
With regards to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), the organization of Training Management Division mission is to furnish oversight, direction, as well as backing for the improvement, alteration, accreditation in addition to proactive usage of customer based training projects and services in order to guarantee that the Partner Organizations and their students obtain not only world-class but also state-of-the-art law enforcement preparing.
The Office of Operations Coordination attempts to hinder, locate, and avoid terrorist acts by facilitating the work of Federal, state, regional, tribal, local, and additionally private sector accomplices and by gathering and combining data from an assortment of sources.
The Policy Directorate fortifies homeland security by improving as well as incorporating Department-wide approaches, planning, and projects with a specific end goal to better organize the Department’s avoidance, insurance, and reaction as well as recuperation missions. The directorate is answerable for working with other Federal orgs in finishing comprehensive arrangements for executing our obligations to avoid cyber and biological ambushes on the country's infrastructure. They help to decrease deaths as well as economic misfortunes from fires and related crises through state funded education. The directorate additionally supports states, local neighborhoods, in addition to territorial authorities in order to counteract, dissuade, and at the same time react to terrorist and other dangers to national security.
The U.S. Coast Guard has an exceptionally adaptable statement of purpose concerning the mixture of services they furnish whether it be national safeguard or protecting regular folks out to sea. These missions and exercises incorporate:

Maritime Safety: Disregard deaths, wounds, as well as property harm connected with maritime transportation, fishing, in addition to recreational boating. The Coast Guard's slogan is Semper Paratus (Always Ready), and the service is dependably prepared to react to calls for