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Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a restaurant whose specialist is serving burgers and fries made to order fresh any way the customer likes. Although Five Guys would be viewed as a fast food chain it has not been viewed as so due to the quality of the food and the unique focus on customer service. Five Guys Burgers and Fries had been started in 1986 by the Murrell family. The first location was opened in Arlington, VA as a carry out burger joint. The specialty was handmade burgers cooked perfect on a grill and French fries freshly cut cooked in pure peanut oil. The mission of Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries was to serve the best burger possible and to ensure each customer new their value to the company and that the company depended on the fact that customers allowed Five Buys Burgers and Fries to serve their desire to eat great food (Elan, Elissa (2007, November 19)).
Five Guys Burger and Fries sets itself apart from other fast-food chains by focusing on offering excellent customer service. The mission of this company explains to the customer how important they are and how the company is just as dependent on the customer as the customer is dependent on the company selling good quality food and offering a great customer experience. The decision to create such a mission and design the layout of the locations in such a way to ensure every customer sees the mission during their visit to Five Guys. Second, Five Guys sets itself apart from other fast food chains with the decision not to include freezers in their restaurant locations. This tells the customer that Five Guys burgers and Fries are always fresh and cooked to order upon request. In addition, it lets customers know that they will not be served food that has been stored in freezers for amounts of time unknown to the customer ( Russell J. White (2009, March 01)).
Compared to fast food places such as Wendy’s, McDonalds and Burger King, Five Guys stand out because of the taste and quality of their food. Finally, Five Guys sets itself apart by offering only burgers and fries. By having a simple menu it allows simple options for customers and it allows the company to focus on the two products offered and master the quality of the product any way possible. For instance, no customer would show up at Five Guys expecting chicken or a salad. In addition, customers know when they arrive at Five Guys one mean can feed several people which reduce the number of orders the company must take on a daily basis (Frumkin, Paul (2010, August 09)).
The original values for the startup company were to focus on customers, to sell the best burgers and to grow as a successful business. Ways in which the original values remains strong today is because Five Guys have secret shops in their store locations to ensure customers are being offered the best service and that stores are running well and offering a inviting environment for their customers. The value to offer the best burger remains strong by offering different size burger selections, a huge variety of toppings and by cooking all burgers until they are well done. This reduces the number of incorrect orders and ensures that burgers are cooked to the temperature required by the FDA. Finally, Five Guys decides to start franchising the company to expand and ensure their great burgers are conveniently offered to customers around the US and Canada. In addition Five Guy’s values remain strong by offer clean locations, quick service and simple menu’s that customers can depend on (Orange County Business Journal, (5/10/2010)).
Three factors that have contributed to Five Guy’s success in such short time are valuing the employees. Five’s Guy’s model is that every position has value and the company has secret shoppers that the call auditors. These shoppers rate the service of the employees and conditions of the store. This help employees have responsibility and accountability and this also tie pay into performance. The company also offers employee