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Setting is the historical time and geographic place in which the author portrays the story to be in. the setting my change many time or never. Through the setting the author is able to create and control the mood of the story. In the short story “a jury of her peers” by Susan Glaspell, the setting is in the time period when women were beginning there fighting for equality. The second short story is “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck, the main character is attached with the changing settings. The settings of these two stories show how setting can be a part of the story or the whole story.
In “A Jury of Her Peers” there are many moments where the author gives hints to the setting of the story. During the searching of the house Mr. hale says” but would the women know a clue if they did come upon it?” (Glaspell 206) shows how the men think the women are so incapable of thinking they make remarks about them to them. These remarks happen a lot when the men and women are together in the story. The women show there frustration with the men, to each other, once they go upstairs. When Mr. Hale is leaving with the sheriff and is asked to bring his wife she took a while but once he yelled “Martha” (Glaspell 202) she dropped everything, grabbed her scarf, and left with them. This part shows that women were obedient and did as there told without a thought of why, Strengthening the possibility that the setting is before women equality. Also the climax of the story shows how the authors empathizes on the feminism by making them find the bird, the key to the case.
The second story “The Chrysanthemums ” by John Steinbeck is much harder to find the settings purpose in. the first paragraph is very descriptive about the “Salinas Valley” (Steinbeck 358) that you can see the area but not the historical time era. When Steinbeck describes the valley and December he is also