Association Football and Throw Free-throw Line Essay

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Year 9 Handball Test


Answer the following questions by circling the most correct response.

1) A European Handball team consists of up to 12 players. T F

2) A player is permitted to punch the ball. T F

3) A player may hold the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds. T F

4) A player may move more than 3 steps while holding the ball. T F

5) For a goal to be scored, part of the ball must cross the goal line between the posts. T F

6) A player may snatch the ball from an opponent’s possession. T F

7) There is a shot clock. T F

8) The most effective type of shot used to score in team handball is the jump shot. T F

9) Diving for a loose ball is not allowed in handball. T F

10) It is illegal to fall into the circle area after a shot on goal. T F

(10 x 1 = 10 marks)


Correctly match the following terms to their definitions.

2-minute suspension back line centre line

centre back (playmaker) corner throw court

court player (field player) dribble exclusion

free throw free-throw line goal area

goal line goal throw goalkeeper

jump shot line player (pivot) penalty line

goalkeeper’s restraining line penalty shoot-out penalty throw

red card running shot shooter

sideline throw-in throw-off

wing yellow card

1. A curved, dotted line 9 metres out from goal. This is where an attacking team restarts play, having been fouled outside the line.
Free throw line

2. A 1-metre line 7 metres out from the goal where penalty throws are taken.
Penalty line

3. The penalty for a second warning from the referee or for any severe foul or unsporting behaviour.
Free throw

4. A line across the court dividing it into two halves.
Centre line

5. A midcourt player who directs the offence and shoots or tries to penetrate the defence.

6. A throw from a corner at the offensive end of the court, restarting play after the ball went over the back line when a defender other than the goalkeeper touched it.
Corner throw

7. To move the ball by bouncing it on the floor. dribble 8. When a player is ejected from the game with no replacement allowed.
Two minute suspension

9. An undefended throw awarded for a minor offence by the opposition.
10. A 7-metre shot at goal defended only by the goalkeeper and awarded for a serious offence or because the defence illegally interfered with a clear chance to score a goal.
Penalty shoot- out

11. The D-shaped area 6 metres out from the goal where only the goalkeeper can be.
Goal area

12. The playing area for team handball.

13. A throw-in from goalkeeper, restarting play after the offensive team last touched the ball before it passed over the back line.
Throw out

14. The player in charge of defending the goal.
Goal keeper

15. A throw from the side of the court after the ball has gone out over the side lines.
Throw in

16. A line 4 metres in front of a goal that indicates the place to which a goalkeeper can move forward when defending a penalty throw.
Goal keepers restraining line

17. A shot attempted while in the air.
Jump shot

18. A line across the end of the court, but not including the goal line.

19. An offensive player who mostly plays around the 6-metre line.

20. A tie-breaker when players on each team try to score against the opposing goalkeeper from the penalty line.

21. Ejection