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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 1: Exploring Equality and Diversity


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Name: Matthew Elston

1. What is meant by diversity?

Diversity means and accepts that we are different and varied in many ways whether it is male or female different faiths or sexuality to name just some.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of: • Interests • Beliefs • Ages • Lifestyles • Personal, social and cultural identities.

I live in a seaside town in north Devon

We are a very small town during the winter months with a lot of people knowing each other this however changes during the holiday season with the population of the town growing in large numbers. This said there are two sides to the town as a river flows throw the middle of the town leading to a divide with in the local community this can cause some problems during the local football matches with both young and old supporting both sides of the town. we have one community centre which is based on the eastside of the town this holds many different actives for the range of age groups we have here being on the coast we have a lot of the older generation retiring here alongside young families most times these live well a long side each other. The town has long been known for accepting many different religions from Christian, Muslim and Buddhism as well as a big atheist group. The town was one of the first in the area to become a free trade area and runs groups to bring awareness of the course of the free trade movement

3. Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community.

The variations help to build a diverse community by showing people that everyone round them is different and that there are different ways of life and that it is possible for everyone to try new and different experiences and people of all ages to work together to make everyone accepted in the community. An example of this happening is the opening of a Chinese supermarket in the town this is selling traditional Chinese food and music and despite people saying it would never take off round here it has become very busy and is having to increase the range it stocks this has changed peoples old stereotype of Chinese food and had an impact on the area.

4. Give some examples to explain how diversity: • Enhances your life • Enhances the local community • Enhances this country.

Some examples of how it affects my life are people are willing to accept my choice of life style they are willing to listen to my views and even if they don’t accept them they will torrlate them so that everyone including myself can have a happier life.

Diversity allows and encourages people to adopt and make changes to their own views and attitudes this will help them overcome any prejudices and discriminatory views they might have i.e. in the nearby town a mosaic was asking for planning permission there were very angry views against this because of what people have heard and seen in the press or on television, however now that it is there and people are able to see how it all works and what happens they are able to welcome them in to the local area this has helped the community that little bit more unique.

Being a diverse country we are willing to accept people from any country world over this often brings with it a mix of