Atha Corporation Essay

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Atha Corporation

Accounting & Finance Department Plan
Human Resources Department Plan
Melanie Hanson
Patrick Blessinger
Bus3011 Spring 2014

Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary
4. Human Resources Description
4. Accounting and Finance Description
4. Human Resources Purpose Statement
4. Accounting and Finance Purpose Statement
5. Human Resources Goals and Activities
5. Accounting and Finance Goals and Activities
5. Management Goals and Activities
6. Human Resources Organizational Structure
6. Accounting and Finance Organizational Structure
6. Management Organizational Structure
7. Human Resources Interview
7. Accounting and Finance Interview
7. Management Interview
8. Human Resources Performance Standards
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Human Resources Goals and Activities
Our human resource department has a large goal of maintaining our current employees while assisting in the hiring of new employees throughout the company during this transition. New employees will be in different areas throughout our company, as well as an additional two employees in our Human Resources department. While hiring these employees we will also have HR focusing on improving current employee performance by ensuring they are properly trained and working to their maximum potential. Through proper training and courses we will start to increase accountability in staff for not only mistakes but success as well. In this way we will begin to develop more leaders that we can trust to handle areas and possible extra projects or duties as they prove themselves. HR will also be in charge of driving performance incentives by creating goals and rewards for motivation. Our deadlines for most goals are within 3 months so we can begin to start the transition as soon as possible. Goals such as holding staff accountable, developing leaders and hiring new employees are to be implemented as soon as possible to fast track our road to success.
Accounting and Finance Goals and Activities
In the accounting and finance department we plan on adding an additional three employees. We plan on having these employees trained and fully functional within three months. This should help with the transition to a larger company by allowing the employees’