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Strategic Alignment Worksheet: Sales and Marketing



Use this Strategic Alignment Worksheet (SAW) to help you complete the sections listed below. As you progress through the course, you will be instructed to complete and submit section(s) of the SAW. Once you have all of the sections completed, you are to incorporate the sections into the larger Atha Execution Plan, which is your final project deliverable (to be submitted in Unit 5).

Sections of the SAW

* Goals and Activities (Unit 2) * Interview Questions (Unit 3) * Department Purpose Statements (Unit 4) * Performance Standards (Unit 4)

Checklist for Sales and Marketing Area

Mary Atha, CEO, has provided this checklist of overall
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| 2.2. What kinds of sacrifices have you made to be successful? Explain. | A successful salesperson is driven to make money, and the great ones are willing to make sacrifices in order to be successful. This assesses the candidate’s commitment to the job and their willingness to do whatever it takes to do well at it. | 2.3. How many cold calls do you make in a typical day? | This question is a good way to assess a salesperson’s level of drive, and the energy they bring to finding new business. We want people who know that a good portion of their day needs to be spent on prospecting. It also determines their level of comfort with cold calling. | 2.4. How do you close tough customers? Walk me through some examples. | This question is designed to gauge persistence, tenacity, and motivation. There will always be a certain number of “tough customers,” and we want salespeople who can stick with the process and try new approaches in order to eventually make the sale. People who tend to back down when facing a tough customer won’t usually succeed in the role. | 2.5. Describe some of your biggest prospecting successes? | This question can help determine how successful the salesperson has been, and helps to flesh out their style. We’re going to need to hire a few “rainmakers” who can find and land the big deals, and this question provides insight into their overall abilities. |