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Wayne Clark DBQ ESSAY Global 9
Many roots in western civilization can be traced back to Ancient Greeks. Greeks made achievements that lasted a life time. Some of their achievements are still used in modern day society, art, architecture, philosophy, math, and science. All significant in their own way. Philosophy is the first achievement ancient Greeks made. A man named Socrates was considered one of the best philosophers in Greece. He believed that if you want to understand life, you must ask questions [doc.1].SOCRATES, the Greek philosopher and moralist, was born at Athens in year 469 B.C. He had the usual education of the Athenian citizen, which included readings in the Greek poets, also the elements of arithmetic, geometry and astronomy. His whole day was usually spent in this public manner. He talked with any one, young or old, rich or poor, who sought to address him, and in the hearing of all who stood by. As it was engaging, curious, and instructive to hear, certain persons made it their habit to attend him in public as companions and listeners. In the year 400 B.C., an indictment was laid against Socrates. The trial took place before a court composed of citizen-judges by a majority of five or six he was adjudged guilty and sentenced to death by poison. Philosopher named Aristotle helped with this idea of philosophy. He believed in reason was a major key in humanity. He thought that reason makes us superior and unique in our own ways. All of us different in what we know and not know. [doc.2].Aristotle was in 384 BCE in Stagira. At the time, Athens was considered the learning center of the world, and here he joined the Academy to study under Plato. When the great Plato died Aristotle started to teach what Plato thought him. One of the students being Pericles, who will become the last great philosopher of that time. One more Greece philosopher that helped Greece achieve in this idea was Pericles. Pericles believed in democracy and participation in the

government. Regardless of your social rank orstatus. In better terms equality [doc.3]. Pericles was born in 495 B.C. in Athens, Greece. In 461 B.C, he assumed rule of
Athen, which he would occupy until his death. During his leadership, he built the Acropolis and Parthenon and led Athens' recapture of Delphi, the siege on Samos and the invasion of Megara. In 429, he died of the plague .Ancient Greek statesman Pericles was born c. 495 B.C. in

Athens, Greece. His father, Xanthippus, was a famous general and statesman who came from a wealthy family of aristocrats.

At 13, Pericles watched another Persian war of Greece break out and was likely to be evacuated from Athens along with his family.
When he was 17, Pericles became wealthy when he wrote the staging of playwright Aeschylus’ The Persae. Greece also had long achievements in math and science. The famous Hippocrates was a