Atticus Finch Argument

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A selfless single father living in a world of judgement; Atticus Finch is trying to turn people good. In Harper Lee’s classic novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus has the choice to stand up for a man named Tom Robinson. He is an older black man that was accused of raping a young woman in town named Mayella. Atticus Finch is a lawyer that believe Tom is innocent. Atticus knows that in court, Tom will lose because of his race but has the choice to fight for his beliefs against Mayella’s father, Bob Ewell. Since Atticus is respectful and always does what he believes is right, it would make sense for him to stand up for Tom Robinson. The first reason that Atticus should take this stand is because he has respect for others. In chapter 18, while they are in court, Atticus is asking Mayella questions and uses the words that she is not used to. “Ma’am? Said Atticus startled.” (Lee 243). Mayella felt belittled. Mayella was against Tom but Atticus still respected her. She was not …show more content…
In chapter 20, Atticus proved that he was not judgemental and that he would follow his beliefs. Atticus told Jem, “All men are created equal” (Lee 274). Color did not matter to Atticus as long as they were being good people. Although Tom Robinson was black, unlike the rest of Maycomb's, he should stand up for him. Atticus knows that they are almost guaranteed to lose in court but skin color doesn’t change a man’s worth. Since Atticus believed that Tom was not guilty, he should take a stand for him. Next in the beginning of chapter 23 on page 291, Atticus states, “I wish Bob Ewell wouldn’t chew tobacco” (Lee 291). Atticus didn’t like Bob but he always wanted the best for everyone. Atticus knows that tobacco isn’t good for the body and wishes good upon Bob. This shows that Atticus is a good person and stayed strong to what he believed was good in the