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The Capabilities of a Man with a Disability In the memoir Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet, obstacles of a man with a disability, Savant Syndrome, are overcome. Savant Syndrome is an extremely rare case which establishes reflective and remarkable abilities that the normal mind is not capable of. By “…using my own synesthetic experiences since early childhood, I have grown up with the ability to handle and calculate huge numbers in my head without any conscious effort…” (Tammet 3). Daniel saw everything as a number. He memorized names as if they were numbers by creating descriptions to help him remember.
In the article Boy Genius Diagnosed with Autism has IQ Higher than Einstein, a young autistic boy’s mother speaks of how “...he would create maps all over our floor using Q-tips. They would be maps of places we’ve visited and he would memorize every street” (Kuruvilla). For children and adults living with high functioning autism, creating visuals and having odd techniques helps them remember and portray certain aspects of life, such as remembering names or places. Throughout the memoir, Daniel speaks of his successes as well as his troubles living with such an exceptional disorder. Daniel has an IQ of about 150 and his extreme thinking process makes it hard for him to connect with other people and to remain stable in certain situations.
For Daniel, “…writing about my life has given me the opportunity to get some perspective on just how far I’ve come…” (Tammet 12). Literature has always been a way for Daniel to escape when he prefers to be alone. Daniel’s mother and father supported him regardless of the activity. In the article Boy Genius Diagnosed with Autism has IQ Higher than Einstein, Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with autism at a very young age when his mother discovered his obsession with patterns. She continued to support him and he is currently striving to win a Nobel Prize. Jacob’s mother opens up about her son when she “…operates under a concept called ‘muchness, which is surrounding children with the things they love — be it music, or art,…