Autocratic Leadership Style In Nursing

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I’m the head nurse at a top healthcare facility. The leadership style I have chosen is autocratic. The autocratic leadership style is headed by a leader who gives direct, clear, and precise orders with detailed instruction as to what, when, and how work is to be done. I chose this style because it gets the job finished. It entails speedy decision-making and greater productivity under someone’s (my) supervision. It’s a Monday, the beginning of the work week; although, do nurses really ever get a break? Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I enjoy seeing my fellow employees and patients getting better. After all, they are getting better under our care. Though, as much as I’d love to just take care of patients, I have to take care of the medical …show more content…
I tell them what to do, I tell them when it must be done by, and I tell them how to do it. If I don’t, it could go wrong. We cannot risk missing a deadline or missing key information. People’s health could be at stake, and that means people’s lives could be at stake. The risk is far too high, and I am not willing to take chances. Although I trust that my fellow nurses know what they are doing, it’s easier to tell them what their task is because I trust that they’ll get that particular task done.
Hospitals and healthcare facilities are clean, or at least, they look the part. My nursing staff is organized, just the way the building is organized. We’re clean. Because of our autocratic system, there is a lot being done, and it’s productive. Productive is good. We want to get people up and running in a jiffy. We want to do our jobs as nurses. This organization system allows us to do our jobs with the most positive outcome.
When someone doesn’t do their work, it’s easier to catch up on because I’ll know that person’s task, and either I, or someone who is willing to do such a thing, will back it up. An autocratic leadership style may not be the most fun, but it’s the one that will get the job