Essay on Autopsy: Good Pathologist

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Autopsy An autopsy is an examination of the body after death. It usually consists of an external and an internal examination of the body. The external examination also documents identifying features such as scars, tattoos or other markings which may assist in the identification of the body. The internal examination looks at the internal organs to document any natural disease processes and/or injury .Its purpose is to learn the truth about the persons health during life and how the person really died, These situations include, violent deaths such as homicides, accidents, and suicides. Other categories are suspicious deaths, sudden and expected deaths, deaths in children and infants, prisoners, persons under the care of an institution, …show more content…
The skull and trunk incisions are sewed shut in a base ball style stitch. Then the body is washed and is then ready to go to the funeral director. After all that is done the pathologist submits the tissue they save to the histology lab, to be made into slides. Once the slides return pathologist will examine the sections look at any lab work and draw a final conclusion on how the person really died. The career of a forensic pathologist takes many years of schooling to prepare oneself for that career it begins with a four year college degree, followed by four years of medical school. After medical school, the young physician begins a three to five year residency training program in general pathology. The exact duration depends on whether the program is in anatomic pathology, or both anatomic and clinical pathology. To become a forensic pathologist the perquisite training program must include at least anatomic pathology. After completion of a residency program, the pathologist must have a one year specialty training program in forensic pathology at a medical examiner or coroners office. Once the forensic pathologist has successfully completed the required years of pathology and forensic pathology training at an accredited institution. The American board of pathology issues certificates to those individuals who have met the necessary requirements. A forensic pathologist works long hours and also it depends on how many dead people there is in the coroner