Baby Boomers Research Paper

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Millennials vs Baby Boomers: A War that Doesn’t Need to be Fought
The Baby Boom is the term used to refer to the group of people born between the years 1946-1965. After the end of World War II, and with the economy finally looking up from the Great Depression of 10 years, many decided that it was high time to start a family. This unanimous decision caused one of the biggest increases in birth rate in history, and created a massive bulge in the population demographic that remains unrivaled to anything that followed it. Many people argue the effect current day baby boomers are having and will have on the working industry and economy. Because of the way the baby boomers currently dominate the population, people are unsure what will happen to
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Baby boomers often have a large issue with younger workers invading their space and taking jobs that they feel requires more experience than the millennials have to offer. Unfortunately, the majority of people in charge are baby boomers, and they are the ones that have to take the initiative in welcoming the millennial generation into their workplaces (Walker and Lewis 5). Acknowledging and respecting millennials is essential to their growth as workers (Walker and Lewis 6), and it’s unlikely that they will reach their full potential without the support of senior and more experienced workers. Adapting to the generational differences is key in moving into the newer generation (Koloc, screen 1). Those that are in charge, the baby boomers, need to make changes and positively acknowledge what the differences in generation have to offer. Compromises can and need to be …show more content…
Young people have a familiarity with technology unlike any other generation, bringing many new ideas to the table in all aspects of business. They are also part of a very new generation that values its uniqueness and personal customs, meaning that they can bring change and progress to the traditions left behind by the baby boomers (Walker and Lewis 7). Most importantly, they are one of the most multicultural generations, and as such, bring forward an entirely new skillset to utilize (Koloc, screens 2-3). Many businesses would be able to expand outside of western ideals and appeal to a broader and more diverse audience if they had the same kind of diversity. By combining all these strategies, it’s easy to see the potential the millennial generation has to not only sustain the workforce, but to change and mold it into something much greater.
Without a doubt, the numbers, strategies, and opportunities exist. What’s yet to happen is putting them all together. Millennials are very much capable of overcoming the potential issues left behind by the baby boom, as long as those very baby boomers are willing to help. While many risks did come out of the baby boom period, it was the very definition of prosperity. By combining forces with the generation that started modern Canada, and taking advantage of what there is to be offered, millennials could