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Bombings in Kano By ; Edricia Lowery

In January 2012, 150 people were killed in a series of bombings in Kano, Nigeria. Injuring and killing police man army soldiers and incent by standers. The viscous attacks have been increasing more and fortunately haven’t killed as many people, but instead are destroying their land. The alleged bomber were Boko haram; A group of Islamic activist. Considered highly dangerous. Their reasoning for these multiple bombings is to over throw the Nigerian government. They’ve taken tourist captive as hostages killing more of the hostages then they keep. “These seven French will not be released until we see our detained brethren released,” Boko Haram leader Abubakar Sheka told to reporter in Maidguri. The Boko Haram has taken full responsibility up to 6 bombings in Kano, Nigeria. And haven’t been tied to any others yet. Most Recent bombing happed at a bus station were 22 people were killed and 68 injured. The Commander of Boko Haram sent 14 terrioist which four had bombs strapped on to their bodies. When a signal was given the terriost set the bombs off. The 14 terrorist were killed along with three soldiers and 3 police man. Under deep investigation four of the member of the Boko Haram responsible for the planning of the tragedy have been caught and placed under arrest. But there still is a search to place Abubakar Sheka under arrest in his part. There President GoodLuck Johntans has described the scene as ‘barbaric” and the incident will not infer the government’s strong will and determination to overcome those