Barack Obama Challenges

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The 44th president of the United States is Barack Obama and he still currently is. Mr. Obama was born on August 4th of 1961 and is currently the age of 54. Obama supports the democrat party instead of the republican and also graduated from Harvard University. Barack Obama is the first African American president that we have had in the United States. Obama was born in Hawaii and that is also where he grew up. His grandparents raised him to be the great man he is today. Barack Obama presidency began on the 20th of January and has been elected twice since 2009 in January. Being a Christian is what he believes in and it has always been his religious belief. Throughout the election in 2008, Obama was an Illinois senator who won over his victory …show more content…
Obama has brought more changes than any president has ever made. He has completed serious overseas policy successes by unquestioning impulsive military deed and more on supportive and considerate diplomacy. In response there has been to many polices killing young black men, and the horrifying tragedy of an apparently endless chain of terrible shootings. Obama is America first president to fully hold the LGBT community, and the first to identify the shocking reality of man-made environmental change. He has appointed the most varied federal bench in the United States history. Even though there has been many mistakes that have been made, he still overcame them obstacles. Across all defendants President Obama is understood as owning the fourth most important “ideal” character strength which is fairness to a greater amount. Barack Obama's prospective to be a transformative leader for human rights, as many suggested he will always be. Specifically, it utilizes a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis conducted from January to the beginning of October of 2009 to identify Obama's personal strengths and weaknesses relevant to human rights as well as the social, political and cultural opportunities and threats he faces. We examine Obama's background, his senate record, and his progress to date as president. Obama does understand the struggles of the poor and working classes and has been able to communicate that empathy to his constituents. Yes, Obama is a great president and has done a great job while in office. Obama has done better than some pass