Saints At The River Essay

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Lauren Anglin
August 30,2013
APSU 1000

“Saints At The River Essay”

There are many tragic events that occur every day all over the world. One tragedy was

the accidental drowning of a young girl who was vacationing with her family in South Carolina.

Now, there were two sides of opinion going around about the incident, two different

points of view from separate people, and one decision that ultimately had to be made. Clearly,

the one decision that had to be made was whether to disturb the rivers natural state, and violate

the Scenic Rivers Act of 1978to get Ruth’s body out of the encircling rapids of the Tamassee

River, or leave it alone. Ruth’s parents naturally want their daughter’s body out of the river.

However, it is not that easy to get what they want when they want it in a situation like this one.

Luke Miller and his band of followers will do just about anything to protect the river from being

disrupt from its natural state. As all these feelings and opinions are flying around about Ruth and

the river, lots of emotion begin to rise up more and more.

The conflict would best be meditated to only take into consideration the two main sides

which the argument came about. Sometimes it is very difficult to please both sides of an

argument and somehow come to a resolution meeting in the middle. I would say, especially in a

touchy situation such as this one, the resolution would either leave the girl’s body in the

Tamassee, or figure out a way to retrieve her not allowing a change in laws or policies in order to

get her body out without degradation of the river. In my personal opinion, I think the best way to

resolve both sides of the argument would be to ensure a solution that obtains the girl’s body

without altering the river.

The river needs to stay free of commercialization and degradation of its natural beauty,

but sympathy must be given to the Kowalsky family in that their daughter cannot be forgotten.

Their daughter should be removed from the Tamassee. The best available option easily seems to

be the portable dam. There were strict