Battle of Vimy Ridge Essay

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After reading these pages I have noticed that Molly McNamara isn’t an evil person after all. When I read the first two sections of the book I thought she was an evil woman. She was the one who sent Bud and Danny to go steal the only blue tongued voles left in the entire world form the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills. She caused a big worry for everybody at the amusement park at shot the two guys, Bud in the hand and Danny in the foot, for no reason I really thought she was just a horrible person, but after reading these pages I’ve noticed she had a reason to steal the voles. She is part of an organization named the Mothers of Wilderness, which is basically an organization against cruelty to animals. She stole the voles because she says that keeping them in a closed up place and not letting them live in the wild is cruel for the animals. Even if her intentions are good sometimes, I still believe she is a bad person. She keeps threatening Bud and Danny to keep them as her “slaves” for example she tells Bud and Danny that if they don’t do what she asks them to do she will turn them in to the authorities and get the reward from Francis X Kingsbury who is the owner of the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills, which is very mean to do since she is the one who send them to steal the voles in the first place. In these pages we have Joe Winder who is an employee at the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills, learns from his girlfriend Nina that a man pretending to be doctor Koocher, who is the vole doctor at the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills, called to meet at a bridge to talk about something. Nina