Beasts Of The Southern Wild Analysis

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Tyler Ennis
Film 101
21 February 2013
Film 101 Analysis
In the film Beasts of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin, Hushpuppy, the main character goes on a huge adventure with her dad to survive and save the Bathtub which is their home. There are examples of romance and adventure all in this movie. The romance in the movie was between the people and their home. They were always fighting to stay in there houses and fighting to survive the storms. The adventure in this movie was when Hushpuppy and her dad, Wink, try and survive the storms and live in the “bathtub.”
The romance in this movie is between the people that lived in the “bathtub” and their home. The people had become attached with the way they have been living in the “bathtub” that we would never leave their houses for anything. They hated the way other people lived. After each storm Hushpuppy and the rest of her community kept coming back to live in the “bathtub.” When the people were captured and put in a homeless shelter all of “bathtub” folks successfully escaped and went back to the “bathtub” to live so that proves that these people loved the “bathtub” and wouldn't take anything for it.
There was lots of adventure in this movie. Hushpuppy and her daddy did so much for their community just to survive the storms. Wink and hushpuppy went and found food and built shelters for the others in the “bathtub” after the huge storm hit. Wink went on a huge adventure by himself. He fought cancer all the way