Becoming An Effective Teacher Essay

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Becoming An Effective Teacher

Adeniran J konan
Prof Howard Pettus Edu 12
1) Do you think teachers are born, or made? Debate a classmate who holds the opposite point of view. Interview elementary and secondary teachers and ask them what they think about this question. Do some of them say it is a combination of both? If so why? Which part is art, which part skill?
Answer: This term teacher is giving to someone who decided to pass their knowledge to others. There are two different sorts of teachers. There are those who are truly devoted to their profession and took an oath to educate others. On the other hand there are those who suffer every moment they spend in the classroom full of students. In my belief, this has a great impact on the students and the amount of knowledge they get during their student years. Therefore I believe that there are personality traits that predispose some people to be good teachers, but like anything teaching is a craft that develops over time. My answer no teacher are not born they are made through experience.
2) Why do you think there is so much variation in how different teacher and schools use time for learning? Observe in your own college classrooms to determine how time is wasted. For each class observe, keep a fairly detailed record of how time is lost ( students 6 minutes late, class ends 15 minutes early, PowerPoint presentation takes 4minutes to set up, and so on)
Answer: there is a lot of variation in how different teacher and school use time for learning because, some teachers want their students to learn and these teachers want to use every minute and second to improve on their students’ knowledge. In the same school system we also see teachers that just want to get the period over with. So instead of use the classroom time effectively; these teachers would spend the classroom time on things that will now help improve their students’ knowledge. I guess teachers just have different priorities.
3) Research suggests that, in order to achieve, student should be functioning at a very high success rate. Do you agree that this is likely to lead to higher achievement? Or do you think that students need to cope with failure and be “stretched” in order to achieve? Defend you position.
Answer: it’s true in order to be successful in life; one must function at a very high success rate. Functioning at a very high success rate does not necessary mean academically. An individual can aim high by practicing day and night to become a great athlete, like wise to become a great cook, business owner one must be determine to succeed. In order to continue to stay on top and successful one must know how to cope with failure; for its part of life. Failure is a great part of successful, because in order to be successful one must learn from his/ her failure. Therefore teacher must teach their students to embrace failure the same way they would embrace success, because they work hand in hand.
4) Analyze teacher reaction to student answers in elementary and secondary classrooms where you are an observe and in the college classroom where you are a student. Are most of these classrooms “okay” classroom? Why do you think some teacher reactions are vague and diffuse? What observation can you make about the use of praise, remediation and criticism?
Answer: well I’ve never observed a classroom before; I believe I can use my current education as an example. I think the reason some teachers reaction are vague and diffuse is because some teachers to not take to do a proper lesson plans. For instance, a teacher that is well prepare for his or her class would be very excited and eager to teach, and there won’t be a dull moment in that class; the teacher would want the students ask questions and the teacher would be eager to answer like prof Howard does in my education class. Praise, remediation and criticism are big part on how the class is run and the connection that teachers share with