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Being Gay: Is it by Choice or Genetics?
Sarah Jones
February 11, 2013
Dr. John Christof

Being Gay: Is it by Choice or Genetics? In the article I chose the author is arguing that being gay is inherited from a gene that came from the parents of that offspring. My argument is that if naturally men are attracted to women and vice versa, how can this trait already be implanted into the brain of a person who claims to be gay. The natural order of the world is to reproduce and populate the earth. So, how can a man naturally be attracted to another man. The following insert is a statement from the author himself.
"There's the classical gay man with a smothering mother and distant father idea - which comes from Freud's oedipal complex theories. For most of us scientific psychologists, Freud's theory is like astrology to a physicist. In other words it's rubbish," he told
"Gay and straight men don't differ in their relationships with their parents. Where they do it might be put down to the fact that if you're a biologically gay boy, you are more likely to be feminine. You might well expect that fathers are not too happy. And mothers seek to protect."
He said there was no evidence that people could "learn" to be gay, for example children of gay parents are no more likely to be gay than their peers.
The last part of this statement did not sit with me well. “There is no evidence that people could ’learn” to be gay. Also, there is no evidence of a gay gene since they are saying it is genetics that causes a person to be born with their sexuality already determined. Kids do not begin to be attracted to others until they begin to hit puberty so I do not believe that there cannot be something that happens to a child that makes them want to pursue a particular sexuality. There are countless stories of young boys and girls who were sexually assaulted or molested in their younger…