Benefits from Including Students with Autism Essay

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Angel Joseph March 1st, 2010 ELED 210-001 ERIC Reflec. #1

My ERIC document number one is entitled “Why Everyone Benefits From Including Students with Autism in Literacy Classrooms”. The main premise of the article was to inform readers on the good impact on including children with labeled disabilities, especially children with autism. I agree with the writer’s point of view and I appreciate the fact that they gave real life examples as well as shinning light to the issue of children with disabilities. I agree with the writer’s because I know first hand of how it feels to have someone close to you with autism, because my six year old brother was diagnosed with autism. He is in an isolated classroom with children that has autism as well. I’m not saying that being in a classroom just with children with autism is bad for him, but I believe that it is slowing down his progress with his speech and verbal communication. He is surrounded by children that have little to no verbal communication six to seven hours out of the day five days a week and I believe that if he was in a regular classroom with “regular” kids, I believe that he would pick up more good habits (i.e. verbal communication) just from being around his classmates throughout the week. I believe that including children with disabilities in regular classrooms will also challenge the instructor of the class which is well needed. Most teachers now need to be challenged as well as be reminded of how important of a job