Essay on Benefits of Project Management

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What is project management? It can be defined as range of management skills and technique that involved to successfully carry out a project. Project manager are responsible to facilitate the entire process of project management to meet specific scope, cost, time and quality goals of projects. Besides that, there are some people involves in framework of project management including project stakeholders, project management knowledge areas, project management tools and techniques and the contribution of successful project to enterprise.
Project stakeholders are the people involved in or affected by the project activities an includes the project sponsor, project team, support staff,
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Acquiring the project teams also involved in getting the needed personnel to assigned and working on the project which these can to ensure that the project management plan updated. Then, developing the individual and group skills to enhance project performance which these are bring various challenge to project managers. However, there are important to ensures that team performance assessments and environmental factors are updated. Besides that it also can enhance the personnel or teammates performance because the process of managing project team involved which tracking team members’ performance, motivating team members, providing timely feedback, resolving issues and conflicts, and coordinating changes to help enhance the project performance.
In addition, benefits from project management bring the greater standing and competitive edge within the competitors and also the company’s stakeholders. This is not only a good benefit of project management within the workplace but outside of it as well; word travels fast and there is nothing like superior performance to secure your place in the marketplace. The competitive among the competitors can motivate the companies and their team workers to enhance their quality of services and performance.
Better flexibility brings good benefits because of project management. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of project management is that it allows for flexibility. Sure project management allows