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Bennett 1

Justin Bennett
Paul McNaney
English 1010
October 21, 2014 Trouble in a Bottle
Since the legalization of alcohol in our country people have been drinking a lot of it. People drink for all kinds of reasons. They like the way it makes them feel, it gives them the courage to say things they wouldn’t normally say, it takes them away from the rigors of life, or they just enjoy a social drink from time to time. In the case of collegiate students, drinking takes on a much bigger risk. People are more vulnerable at a young age to make dumb decisions. They haven’t experienced a lot of life yet, and when you add alcohol to the mix it can lead to some very unwise ideas. Most rapes that occur on college campuses involve alcohol. Alcohol consumption on college campuses is widespread and the statistics for this are overwhelming. Without alcohol, many sexual assaults could be avoided on campuses nationwide. Therefore I make this observation that,binge drinking is a major factor involving most sexual assaults on college campuses.

Many people love alcohol and the party that goes along with it. Alcohol livens the mood as some would say. The typical night out with the girls or guys is widespread amongst our society. To go out and have a drink with friends is considered the norm. People meet up at their favorite restaurant or sports bar and have a drink or two and think nothing of it. Many can drink a lot and still make rational decisions. Consequently, many can drink past the legal limit and unwisely get into their car and make it home safely without injuring anyone. I have seen this on many occasions. Alcohol loosens people up. It allows them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Some might drink a shot or two before a speech they have to make or drink some beers before getting up enough courage to ask that pretty girl out to dinner they’ve been eyeing for so long. Alcohol also has positive health effects as well. The consumption of red wine on a daily basis has been said to be good for the heart by many medical doctors. It also has pain relieving effects on the body. It has been given to many a dying man when he has been wounded in battle or dangerously close to death. Alcohol does have positive attributes to it, but when it comes to man’s natural desire for sex, it can cause someone to make seriously bad decisions.

One cannot legislate morality though. Morality and respect must be taught at a young age. And even when they are taught, when you add alcohol to the mix all those teachings may still fly out the window.
It is impossible to stop alcoholism without a serious understanding by the individual that what they are engaging in is wrong. To continuously binge drink is letting the world know that you have no control over your decisions. That you are willing to go to the extreme to make yourself feel happy.

In the case of Sara in “Dangerous Parties”, she starts out the night drinking two mixed drinks and a shot before going out to drink. She loves to drink as most college-aged people do. But she is not just drinking to have a good time, she is drinking to get drunk. This is where alcohol can lead you. It is a slippery slope of seducing you into a good time. Contrast this with Jon, Chris, and Gordon. They are going to the sports bar to have a good time, and have a six pack then leave. If they wanted to drink more they could have, but they didn’t. At six beers you are intoxicated beyond the legal limit. This is more than enough alcohol to cloud your judgment. Without alcohol these boys might not have made the decisions that they did. It is also safe to say that if Sara was not intoxicated she would not have been so willing. Sexual assaults involving alcohol is an epidemic across the…