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Better Loving Through Chemistry According to "Better Loving Through Chemistry" by Natasha singer talks about the information of system how dating sites works. Each dating website gives a person information that a user has to know. For example, their favorite activities, religion, family background and personality values. As a result there will be more than one dating website, therefore sites have many competition. Also, it says that many people who register have to pay money to order to find someone. I believe online dating can be successful. Beauty is not important, it is matter how a person react. One of the author's important points is that "People tend to be adept at heeding that first spark of attraction but may be less dexterous at recognizing the commonalities that are the foundations of good development." Indeed, people tend to look at beauty of user picture first but when it comes to chatting online and meeting them it will be awkward. Similarly, they don’t have any common interest or personal might be different as a person imagery. As a result, he/she don’t be the right one for soul mate. To able to keep the talking, they should look at their profile and compare his or her interest to their interest. After that, they will able to have a conversation for a long period of time. It is not the matter of looking good, it is matter knowing each other. The most significant thing I have read from this passage is people are willing to pay money for online dating. For instance, The price for online dating at costs 50 dollars for a month. It is amazes me how people are willing to spend something expensive for online dating. . Imaging that, some people are unable to find a person and continue to looking for a person. To calculate, if a person couldn’t find a person for 5 months they will spend 250 dollars. It express me that has more than 1