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Brandon Lor
American Literature and Composition GT
“I Believe” When I think about symbolic holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, I see them as more than just a simple celebration among the crowd. Thanksgiving is the time where the heart of all people are set to express their deepest gratitude to one another, and it is the day to forgive and remember the good and bad times we went through as family and friends. It's time to answer the question...what are you thankful for? I am thankful for my life in general, though I used to think a wonderful life was nothing more than a illusion but that when the past me was ignorant about hoping/striving for the best and future. Although, I made mistakes in the past and sometime now. I am able to learn to not let that go to my mind all the time, else it will simply discourage me. I'm always hoping for best in everyone and myself, stranger or not, I believe everyone will see that they're living a wonderful life. Just hold out a little longer, it's almost there as we progress in our time. I am able to learn valuable lessons, such as to learn to accept/love yourself because overall, it's stupid to ever call yourself ugly, useless, etc because these words are nonexistent. They're not true at all. I am thankful for my family who raised me with much love, we may not be the richest family in the world but we are through in love. They never gave up in me, though I made so many mistakes in life. But, they never stop loving me. That's why they're strict, my parents just want the best for me. Overall, thank you....one day in the future ill repay back everything you guys done with my deepest gratitude. I am thankful for the people and friends I met overall, I've learned a lot from you guys. Strangers or not, I was able to see where I must go in life, your talents, everything in general. Our lives may not be perfect, nor wonderful at the moment, we can always go to each other for help and understanding. Just...I can't describe how much I am thankful for to you wonderful individuals. I'm happy when you're happy, I will never think something low to anymore, I believe in the best for everyone! Yet, I am sorry for anything that I've done/said to hurt

anyone.... Ultimately, I am grateful for the fond memories we had, good/bad times, lets continue moving forward together Hm, I would like to give a moment to everyone. Let's say our lives may not be the same as everyone else. We do not share the same memorable moments. We do not share the same wealthy lifestyle. We do not share the same talent, nor appearance. Basically, we're all unique individuals with our own memorable moments to tell, our own lifestyle, unique talent, and our own original appearance.
Don't say your life sucks because that's not true at all as you progress on and on in your so­called
"Miserable life" because we all have our share with bad times. Overall, I want to point out a fact, not only I'm applying to people I know but everyone in general. In life, we have to do things that's for the better of ourselves and others. Whether it'd be school wise, outside purposes like commitments, or a relationship with anyone. All I'm saying is I was taught this very important lesson before by AP U.S
History..well...former now, Mr. Yourison. All I'm saying when it comes to school wise, it's important to take classes and choose your classes wisely that is necessary to your future career. Plus, honestly this would benefit anyone who