Bewildered: United States and American Citizen Essay

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There are millions of non-Americans who dream about becoming an American citizen with good intent to better their lives and their families’ lives. Then, there are non-Americans who gain citizenship for selfish, immoral, and unlawful reasons. Unfortunately, we have no way to filter out these two groups of intentions people have when immigrating to the United States. What would constitute an immoral immigrant? Insurance fraud is on the rise in the United States due to loss of jobs and the economy. Apparently, the word has spread worldwide that gaining citizenship in America and then committing Insurance Fraud via Arson is easy money. In one case, an immigrant came to the United States and opened up a convenience store which one night went up in flames. After pouring gasoline throughout the basement and setting a timer to a hot plate, the owner left his store to the ticking clock and returned home. To his surprise, he presumed, his barely stocked store had been victim to an explosion overnight. His crime had been well pre-planned in attempts to collect the insurance money and go back home to his country. Through investigation, his plan was flawed.
In my opinion, he needed a better plan. How do you blindly come into our country without full knowledge of what we know or can find out? He used gasoline which is easily detected by either a canine or other testing; he used a timer, a hot plate, and let his store’s supplies diminish very obviously. I find this entire concept