Bibliography: Color and Men Essay

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Propaganda Poster Analysis
Choice of Image and Target Audience
I tried to make the men of Australia feel as if they want to be like these men in the poster, that they want to be rugged and manly. As you can see in the poster, I put two other men behind the man with a muscular appearance. The two of them are supposed to be backing up the soldier at the front, making it a point that when it comes to war they are on Australia’s side. The man on the right is supposed to represent a sailor and the man on the left is supposed to represent a soldier. The three of them are supposed to have disapproving looks as if to say ‘Are you on our side, or not?’ to make the audience feel guilty. The reason why I put a sailor there is because the men of Australia don’t have to fight as soldiers. They also have the option of fighting out to sea. As you can see my target Audience are European descendants. I gave all three of them different appearances so that the target audience can make a connection with one of the men in the poster. For example, a man with brown hair would look at the man in the middle of the picture and see himself there, instead. Or, a man with green eyes would picture himself as that sailor.
Choice of Slogan and Main Message
The reason why my slogan is ‘whose side are you on?’ is to make people think. Are they helping the enemy by sitting around and not caring? Or are they going to serve justice and enlist for the Australian army? My rhetorical question is there in…