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Malcolm X The Malcolm X film by Spike Lee was a great dramatic bibliography. In this film it goes through how Malcolm lived his life until the day he died. The movie starts from Malcolm's early years as a hustler and hanging out with White people, to becoming one of the most powerful African American leaders in history. The movie shows how one person can affect so many lives and how one person can change so many things. All though the way Malcolm viewed things was not always in a positive way he is still one of the most important figures till this day. During the early years of Malcolm's life, Malcolm would try and live the life of a White man. He would date white woman and perm his hair in order for it to be straight like the White folks Malcolm became a drug dealar and even a pimp and earned the nickname “Red”. Later Malcolm planned a robbery that was successful at the time, but then the police under-covered it and Malcolm was then sentenced to 10 years in Prison. While in Prison Malcolm meet a prison mate who was part of the Nation of Islam. The prison mate showed him the beauty of being a African American and tells him that the White men are the reason for all the violence and that Malcolm buying all the things the White men make is supporting the White men. His prison mate then showed Malcolm the dictionary and from there on Malcolm would read it everyday and every night. After changing himself over Malcolm then wrote a letter to The leader of the Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad and asked him if he could join the Nation of Islam. Elijah welcomed Malcolm into the Nation of Islam, and told Malcolm to change his last name to X which symbolizes that his true African name has been lost. Malcolm then got released from prison and went on to learn more about the Nation of Islam. In the next couple of years of learning more and more about the Nation of Islam, Malcolm then became their spokesperson. Malcolm would preach about ethnocentrism of the Black race and how it is superior over others. He also begins to preach racism against the White man for the pain and suffering they placed upon the Black man throughout American history. Malcolm became a leader and role model for many African-Americans and many of them looked up to him to see how they should deal with the Whites. All of the attention that Malcolm was receiving did not please Elijah Muhammad. After a conversation with the media about the assassination of President John. F Kennedy, Elijah Muhammad suspended Malcolm for 90 days. Malcolm then traveled to Islam the home place of the Muslim religion. He then learns that its not about the color of your skin it is about fighting for the same thing no matter the skin color. Realizing that Elijah Muhammad was only teaching him to hate other people because of the color of their skin and not because of what they believe he decides to leave the Nation of Islam. After leaving the Nation of Islam he created his own group called the Muslim Mosque. Malcolm offered that any Black person is invited to join. Elijah Muhammad was not happy with this and ordered one of the men that followed Malcolm to rig his car. In the next serval months Malcolm received numerous death threats. Then one night Malcolm's house was set on fire by people who Malcolm suspected was from the Nation of Islam. Malcolm was then assassinated at Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York City by 3 black men. In this movie about Malcolm X, I find it to be very interesting how the Nation of Islam worked. For the Black men that were inside the organization it showed that they were all very angry against White men. There were many things that the movie showed about how the Nation of Islam and how Malcolm X tried to get the respect they deserve from the White's. Malcolm would speak in front of a huge crowd and would preach to them about how the