Big Data Essay

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Big Data
Module # 1 Assignment # 2
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Upon reading and researching the term “big data “, I’ve found that, big data is an information system that contains information about a business or organization. Big data is a collection of data from digital and traditional sources outside and inside a company representing a source of ongoing analysis and discovery. Big data is streams of raw facts that represent events happing in the company or organization before they have been arranged and organized into forms that can be understood. Big data is a variety of multi-structured and mixed structured data that comprises volumes of information. Big data is several data bases that help an organization. It has a variety of databases that a company can use with marketing strategies, solving problem, and making decisions. According to Arthur, L. 2013. Big data is a variety of data bases and software that generates files and stores information, also big data can be linked to social medical, production software and customer transactions histories. Big data has been around since 2001 and will continue to grow with the needs of organizations and companies. Big data can be used for evaluating and improving business capabilities and the structure and size of big data makes it so different or very unique. Big data represents significant information and analyzed information. Says Matteson, S. 8/25/13.
Matteson, S. 8/25/13, states that “big data uses software called Apache Hadoop to interpret big data. Apache uses a framework that distributes and processes large amounts of data sets across clusters of computers using the simplest programming modules, involves data processing and data storage with improves results and efficiency.” MapReduce is a set of tasks that coordinates the processing of data in different segments, of the cluster and breaks down the data into different chunks that are more manageable that become summarized. Hadoop is opened source and has various producers by different vendors.
George, Haas, Pentland state that “this data requires the use of powerful computational techniques to unveil trends and patterns within and between these extremely large socioeconomic datasets. New insights gleaned from such data-value extraction can meaningfully complement official statistics, surveys, and archival data sources that remain largely static, adding depth and insight from collective experiences and doing so in real time, thereby narrowing both information and time gaps.”
The authors go on to state, Big data can also be a potent tool for analysis of individual or team behavior, using sensors or badges to track individuals as they work together, move around their workspace, or spend time interacting with others or allocated to specific tasks. While early management research codified diaries and time-management techniques of CEOs, evolving practice using big data can allow people to study entire organizations and workgroups in near-real time to predict individual and group behaviors, team social dynamics, coordination challenges, and performance outcomes.

Big data is everywhere and used by management for a variety of things evolving business decisions, practice. Big data uses predictive analysis, text mining and rules-based ontologies are some of the techniques which can be used to build listening capabilities to learn early and mitigate issues quickly. Say P R