Bio 135 Test Review Essay

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BIO 135 Test 3 (6,7,8,16) Review Sheet

2. What do all types of cartilage have in common? 3. Name the spaces that Chondrocytes are within 4. Name the 3 types of cartilage

Where in the body is each type found?

5. Which cartilage has many elastin fibers?
6. What is a cartilage cell called?
7. How does fibrocartilage differ from other cartilage? 8. How does cartilage grow?

9. What gives bone flexibility?
10. What gives bone strength?
11. Name the 3 bone cells and their function 12. What is bone’s Extracellular matrix made up of?
13. What is calcification?
14. What is ossification?

15. What is osteogenesis?
16. What is osteolysis?
17. What is the functional unit of Compact bone? 1. Structural
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50. The term diploe refers to the ________.


52. A fracture in the shaft of a bone would be a break in the ________.
53. Ossification of the ends of long bones
54) What is the structural unit of compact bone? Diaphysis

55) Which hormone increases osteoclast activity to release more calcium ions into the bloodstream? parathyroid hormone

56) Spongy bones are made up of a framework called ________.


57) Blood cell formation is called ________


58) The heel bone is called the ________.
Answer: calcaneus

Internal layer of spongy bone in flat bones

Is produced by secondary ossification centers

BIO 135 Test 3 (6,7,8,16) Review Sheet
59) The lateral condyle of the femur articulates with the lateral condyle of the ________.
Answer: tibia

60) The medial condyle of the femur articulates with the medial condyle of the ________.
Answer: tibia

61) The largest foramen in the body is the ________ foramen.
Answer: obturator

62) The smallest short bone in the hand is the ________.
Answer: pisiform

63) The styloid process of the ________ points to the thumb.
Answer: radius

64) The large fossa on the anterior aspect of the scapula is the ________.
Answer: subscapular fossa

65) The ________ is the primary bone in the septum of the nose.
Answer: vomer

Chapter 8 Joints

1. Example of fibrous joint…..
2. Example of Cartilaginous joint…..

BIO 135 Test 3 (6,7,8,16) Review Sheet
3. Example of synovial joint…….
4. Another name