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My name is Yameka Monique Cassey Barnes. I was born and raised in Monroe, La., later lived in Bastrop, Louisiana for 10 years; now I moved back to my hometown. I am married but separated. I have two girls, one is 15 and the oldest is 18. I am attending University of Phoenix to achieve my career in Criminal Justice. This is my first day at University of Phoenix.
Experience C.N.A. since 2000; passionate about helping and has a good interpersonal skills and always welcome a challenge. Excellent Organizational Skills, Computer Proficiency, Data Entry, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Data Base, Developing and maintaining Excel and Spread Sheets, Keyboarding at 47 words per minute, Managing and Storing Records, Telephone Etiquette, 10-key Calculator, Filing, Office Management and Procedures, and Word Processing. Baby-sitting kids from 12 and under for 3 years (1998-2001), Taught at a Vocational Bible Study, Secretary on the Student Government Association at Louisiana Technical College in Bastrop (2007-2008).

My career goal is to get my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. After achieving my goal I want to become a detective or a probation officer. I want to start from dispatcher then a police officer before going on to the detective work. I think in my state that what I would have to do start from bottom line to the top. I will love this job because this has been my dream every since I was in my younger age. I’m always trying to solve something or investigating something and sometimes get to the bottom of it. Due to our fallen economy I want a job where I would not have to