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Welcome to Biology!
North High School

Teacher: Mrs. Doupé E-mail:
Room: T-4 Phone: 310-533-4412, ext. 7243
Textbook: Holt Biology Conference period: 4 (11:24 – 12:17)
Assignment Posting:

School Year Curriculum:
This is a one year course which includes biological principles, vertebrate and invertebrate systems, microorganisms, genetics, plant and animal cell systems, evolution, and ecology. The investigative approach is emphasized and laboratory techniques are used in this hands-on journey into living systems, developed in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards. This course satisfies biological science graduation requirement for TUSD and meets one year of the UC/CSU requirements as a lab science. Daily Class Requirements:
All students are required to bring the following items to class every day: pencil, pen eraser lined paper and a spiral notebook
Classroom Behavior:
Comply with all NHS School Policies at all times.
Respect others and their property.
Raise your hand if you have a question.
No eating of any kind during class.
Do not get out of your seat without permission.
You must be in your seat, working on the daily assignment, when the tardy bell begins to ring. North High tardy policy will be strictly enforced.
You will remain seated until dismissed by the teacher (not the bell).
Cheating is not tolerated, and will result in severe consequences.
Use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited.
Students who fail to comply with these policies are subject to consequences assigned by the teacher (e.g. detention after school, citizenship grade deduction, etc.). Detentions assigned will be served in the teacher's classroom. Twenty-four (24) hours notice will be given for detentions of more than fifteen (15) minutes.
1. Grades will be based on a combination of the following items. Tests/Quizzes approximately 60% Labs, Homework & Classwork approximately 40%
2. Grades are based on points earned. Points are cumulative through each semester. a. Tests and quizzes are assigned from 5 to 90 points each depending upon the amount of material being tested and the difficulty level. b. Laboratory write-ups are assigned from 5 to 20 points each depending upon the difficulty. c. Surprise notes quizzes will be given periodically. Students will be allowed to use their notes, and the quizzes will consist of questions from warm-ups, notes, and homework assignments. d. Homework assignments are recorded at the end of the semester for a total of 5% of the student’s grade. Late homework is not accepted, other than for excused absences.
3. Grades are assigned based upon the following percentages of total points possible at each grading period. A 90% and above B 80% - 89% C 70% - 79% D 60% - 69% F below 60%

- Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the year.
Some quizzes will be announced ahead of time, while others will be a surprise (see notes quizzes above)!
All homework must be written in lead pencil or blue or black pen. All other homework is unacceptable.
No late homework will be accepted, other than due to excused absence.
Completion of all homework will allow students to earn up to 5% of extra credit at the end of the semester. Credit for homework will be recorded by the teacher daily, but entered into the gradebook at the end of the semester.
All classwork must be completed during class and written in black or blue pen or in pencil.
No late class work will be accepted, other than due to excused absence.
Late lab reports will result in point deduction.
All tests will be given at the end of a chapter, and cumulative finals will be given.
Make-up Policy:
If you are absent on a test or quiz day, you must make arrangements to make up the test with Mrs. Doupé. Surprise quizzes cannot be made up, so you must talk with Mrs. Doupé for special instructions. In general,