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Study the highlighted parts for the first long exam scheduled for Monday, Feb 23.

1. Bioinformatics include the representation/storage/retrieval/analysis of biological data concerning:
a. Sequences
b. Structures
c. Functions
d. Activity levels, and
e. ___Interactions_________________among biomolecules.

2. Bioinformatics is conceptualizing biology in terms of __molecules__ (in the sense of physical-chemistry) and then applying “informatics” techniques (derived from disciplines such as ___applied math__, ___computer science__ and ____statistics__ to understand and organize the information associated with these molecules, on a ___large__scale. (2 pts)

3. Major driving forces in bioinformatics include the exponential increase in biological _____data___, the increase in computer ____speed__, and even more crucial is the ability to ____store large amounts______ of information. (2 pts)

4. List 2 major genomic databases that are depositories of sequences and are useful in searching for sequence similarities.
a. EMBL/EBI, DDBJ, NCBI, GenBank, PDB (Protein Data BASE), UCSC, WormBase, Human Genome Database, Rat Genome Database, Mouse Genome, Saccharomyces Genome Database

5. List 2 general types of informatics techniques in bioinformatics.
a. Databases
b. Building, Querying
c. Complex data
d. Text String Comparison
e. Text Search
f. 1D Alignment
g. Significance Statistics
h. Alta Vista, grep
i. Finding Patterns
j. AI /