Biology: Collagen and Connective Tissue Support Essay

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Connective Tissue

Support, anchor and connects various parts of the body.

Epithelial Tissue

Secretion, protection and structure

Although this tissue exists in a number of forms such as cartilage and bone, tendons and ligaments, dermis and blood etc. all have 3 basic structural elements – cells, fibres and inter cellular substance.

In terms of function:

Cells are of fibroblasts- produce fibres and other intercellular materials. Fibres are collagen and elastic. Collagen fibres (thick pink bands) are for strength, while elastic fibres (thin dark threads) are for the elasticity of the tissue. Depending on the nature or function of the connective tissue, the fibres may be a combination of both or just collagen or elastic fibres. For example a tendon or ligament tissue would need a strong connective tissue, thus requiring a greater amount of collagen fibres and fewer cells. Conversely, a connective tissue composed of mostly cells will not be very strong. For example ‘adipose fat’. Apart from serving as a storage site for fat lipids, this fat tissue also protects certain organs and regions, by forming an insulating layer under the skin which helps regulate body temperature. (Stephen M. Crane 2012).

These flattened cells are closely packed to the inside /outside of the lining of body areas. I believe there are 8 types of epithelial tissues. Here are a few of them and an