Essay on Biology: Educational Psychology and World Health Organisation

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The health and well being of people with learning disabilities is more likely to br poorer than with that of the general population who do not have learning disabilities. From childhood children with leaning disabilities could have worse health than other children by 2.5-4.5 times. ALso in their adult life. Reasons for this - they could have more complications in health as part of their disabilities. They could have less income or on benefits, so they dont have enough money to lead healthy life style. But the most important two reasons are that they might not lead healthy lifestyle and receive poor healthcare treatment than other people with out learning disabilities.


All people have right to access healthcare. This is declared by the World Health Organisation. It is also supported by the Human Rights Act 1998 because article 2 the right to life and article 3 the right not to be subjected to inhumane treatment,show this.
The NHS Act 1946- shows that everyone in the UK should receive the same best treatment possible.
The Equality Act 2010-also shows that everyone should receive the same treatment.

1) The human RightsAct 1998
2) The Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
3) The Equality Act 2010


The Disability Discrimination Act in 2005.

An example of reasonable adjustment which might enable someone with learning disabilities to have fair and equal access to healthcare is making sure that they understand the information and how to access the services. This can be by using easy to understand leaflets about the services.


The Mental capacity Act. 2005


The Mental capacity Act. 2005 says that all efforts must be made to show the information to person to make a decision. The information must be in a way they understand. Only then they can give their informed consent. The professional shoud not assume they know whats best for their patient.


If the person cannot give informed consent. It is time and decision specific. If they will have capacity later then wait till they can make the decision but if its urgent then do the decion that is in their best interest.


1) Epilepsy
2) coronary heart disease or disabilities
3) respiratory diseases


1) General practitioners first come accross many people and diagnose condition and disease and sometimes they send the patient to specialist if needed.
2) Dentists look after the health mouth, teeth and gums of all people.
3)District nurses work with GPs to help patients. They help families learn to take care of a patient.

1) Clinical psychologists help promote mental well being and help people with learning disability learn to…