Biology: Germination and Seed Essay

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Raymond Miller
Period 5
Biology IA
What is the effect of sunlight on the rate of germination in Taraxacum? Background: Germination is the process in which plants develop from seeds and begin to grow. The first process of germination is the uptake in water. Water is a key factor of rehydrating the Taraxacum through the process of germination. The next step, gibberellin is formed in the cotyledon. Then, maltose is transported to the embryo root from the food storage. Two important factors of seed germination in the Taraxacum are sunlight and temperature. Temperature is the first key factor, if the temperature is too high and the plant isn’t in the right conditions; for example in the shade or not properly watered, this could cause an altered rate in the germination process. On the other hand if the plant is in the cold it should be covered up or exposed to sunlight to help it gain nutrients from the sun, and undergo the process of photosynthesis, which could also affect the rate of germination.
I think that a seed that is kept under the same conditions, one at a higher temperature and one at a lower temperature, the seed that is surrounded by the higher temperature are going to grow faster due to the rays and nutrients from the sun allowing the seed to germinate.
Manipulated Variables: Independent VariableAmount of Sunlight | Placing the planted seed in the shade or the sun. | Dependent VariableRate of Germination | The amount of sunlight will determine the rate of germination. |

Controlled Variables Taraxacum | I’m using two dandelion seeds, one in the shade, while the other is in the sun. | Temperature | When I place the planted seed in the sun the temperature will be hotter, as opposed to when I place the planted seed in the shade where it will be colder. | | | Water | Both plants will be watered twice a day until the process of germination begins. | Sunlight | One plant will have daily sun exposure, while the other plant will have little sun exposure. |

Materials: 2 Taraxacum seeds, black marker, 2 pots, water
Drawn on separate sheet of