Biology: Oxygen and Biology Text Book Essay

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Week 3 Biology Assignment

How do living things get the energy from the sun?
In my report I’ll explain how living things get energy from the sun.
Energy is the capacity to do work. Light, heat, electricity, and motion are all forms of energy; some energy is lost through transfer or conversion. *(Biology Text book)
Adenosine Triposphate (ATP) is an energy carrier. *(Biology Text Book)
Autotrophs harvest energy directly from the environment, containing carbon from inorganic molecules. *(Biology Text Book)
Heterotrophs get energy and carbon by breaking down organic molecules assembled by other organism. *(Biology Text Book)
Photosynthesis is a process in which they use the energy of sunlight to assemble carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water. *(Biology Text Book)
Aerobic Respiration is oxygen requiring pathway that breaks down carbohydrates to produce (ATP). *(Biology Text Book)
The above is a breakdown of how living things get energy from the sun. Living things need energy to survive; each living thing is like a parasite we need each other to live. Without plants humans could not get as much oxygen as we need, and without humans plants could not get some carbon dioxide that they need. Carbon dioxides that plants need come from the suns energy which at this time is producing too much due to the green house effect. I will not go into green house effect because that is another subject; I’m just trying to explain how plants get carbon dioxides from