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“CNNNEWS”The Boston bombing has been a big topic in the United States. Three people were killed and 144 of our people were injured in the bombing, at least 8 of the patients are children & 25 are in serious condition, and 10 people had injured limbs that were amputated. There was another bombing about 50 to 100 yards away and the stretch of the marathon course lined with the spectator cheering runners through the final yards of a 26 mile, 385 yard endurance feat. Allan Panter was standing about 20 to 25 feet away from the explosion and he was a doctor so ran and started helping injured people he was a hero for helping our people. Allan says “I saw at least six people down next to me, “he said.” They protected me from the blast. One lady expired. One gentleman lost both his lower limbs. Most of the injuries were lower extremities. This was a horrific day in Boston Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said in a statement. A lot of people are devastated about the situation, a lot of family was lost and a lot of heart ache was caused by these two men. I hope all of these families well and I also hope that they will recover from this tragedy.” But yet Investigators warned police to be on the outlook for a darker-skinned or black male “ with a possible foreign accent in connection with the attack. According to law enforcement advisory obtained by CNN. The man was seen with a black backpack & sweatshirt he was trying to get in to a restricted area about five minutes before the explosion. But luckily the unexploded devices were recovered and could provide a lot of information such as fingerprints, and indications of the bomb makers design. But still it was unclear who planted the bombs there were no credible threats before the race, a state government official also said “there is no suspect in custody, but many people are being questioned, David said. A “CNN NEWS” United States attorney general Eric had spoken to the FBI director Robert Muller the United States attorney Carmen Ortiz; a Justice Department official said: “The holder has been directed to the resource of the Justice Department”. Meanwhile investigators and police are still cautious about the situation they plan keep their eyes peeled for another terrorist. About 18 months before the Boston Marathon bombings, the CIA added the mother of the two suspects to a terrorism database after Russian authorities raised concerns that she and her oldest son were religious militants, the Associated Press reported. That the son had American friends she said they didn’t the CIA was watching the family a couple months ahead of the bombing but still did not get to catch the suspects. But the real question is why, why did they become radicals? Did it have something to do with the mother or was it just the brothers. What made them hurt so many innocent people? Were they that cold hearted? What was the connection between the brother and the Russian boxer? In what could be a break through” boxer? Why did the CIA have the mother and the brother on the watch? The CIA believes that the mother was a part of the United States terrorism because she denies that her son had made contacts with Islamist militants during an extended visit to Russia last year. The CIA also believes that the mother is a terrorist because she separated herself from the little town they were in.
Nobody still know what they were trying to prove to the united states all we know is that we should watch very closely for another attack to occur. Meanwhile we shall wait and be prepared for the next attack, But there are still more questions you may want to know about the attack like why did they want to harm so many people?” ABC news” Do they have something against us and our people? That’s something I think you should think about there’s no right or wrong answer it’s just a lot of reason to think of in the type of situation. Yet I still believe that maybe they had something against us or someone has trained