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Brendan Liam

My state report

My state located: Florida
Capital: Tallahassee
The 10 Major Cities of the State of Florida

Atlantic * The population focus in Florida centers on the southern cities, with the notable exception of Jacksonville, nearer to the Georgia border. Jacksonville is a major port that lies on the St. John's River where the Timucua tribes once lived. It is Florida's No. 1 city by population. Located on or very near the Atlantic Ocean, Miami (2), Hialeah (6), Fort Lauderdale (8) and Port St. Lucie (9) are the next major cities by population rank. No. 10 is Pembroke Pines, which is on the perimeter of Miami. The cities listed here are major for several reasons, among them business, art, sport, culture and entertainment centers, as well as being destinations for many retirees from the north.
* Lying on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida are Tampa (4) and St. Petersburg (5), with the nearby smaller cities of Clearwater, Sarasota and Tarpon Springs. Although Tampa is the largest, the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area is often lumped altogether for a number of reasons, including tourism. People come to this area because it is a convenient base for business, but a major draw---if not a major city---is the Greek fishing village at Tarpon Springs. Boaters and other recreation seekers flock to Tampa and St. Pete in summer and winter alike.
* Tallahassee is the only major city in the Florida panhandle, but numerous smaller towns farther south on the Gulf invite tourists, too. Tallahassee is ranked No. 7 in population size. The state capital, Tallahassee is also known as the home of Florida State University and its Seminoles athletic teams. The city is also an agricultural center, once the center of the Cotton Belt. But after the era of slavery, focus turned from cotton and tobacco to citrus growing. Nowhere near as warm as the Miami and south cities or the Keys, Tallahassee and the surrounding area can experience extremely cold winter nights.
* If you've heard the name Disney, you're likely know that Orlando, Florida, is a major destination. It is also the fifth largest of Florida's major cities, expanding rapidly once the Disney team moved in. Located almost in the middle of Florida, it's a regular vacation site for families who want to get to Disney World and Epcot Center. Sea World, Ripley's and Gatorland are other attractions in Orlando, but the city conducts business through many other routes, among them the expansion of real estate.

Geography Florida is a state of sun, beaches and, beautiful marsh and grasslands. Its landscapes are scattered with fields of orange fruit trees and its shores are lined with glistening sands and sparkling waters. Florida’s landscapes and terrain is divided into 3 parts: The Atlantic coastal plains, the east gulf plains, and the Florida uplands. The Atlantic coastal plains completely cover the entire eastern part off Florida. Off the mainlands is a narrow strip of sand bars, coral reefs, and barrier islands. Most of southern Florida 2,746 square miles is covered by big cypress swamps and the Florida everglades. This area is saturated with water, especially during rainy months. South of the mainlands, lie the Florida Keys carrying out to sea about 150 miles in a southwesterly directions. The east gulf coastal plain, a sub section of the Atlantic plain, presents itself in to section of Florida. The east gulf coastal plains is similar to the Atlantic coastal plain. Barrier islands run along the west coast of Florida and costal sun lands extend inland. The Florida uplands run about 275 miles west to east, along the northern edge of the Florida pan handle and then extends south into the central area of the Florida peninsula.The width of the northern florida uplands varies from around30 to 50 miles and is characterized by low rolling hills of red clay. Hard and softwood forests are plentiful. The section of the Florida