'Blackfish': A Short Story

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July`s Ups and downs As the darkness enclosed on my face, the seat began to shake. Horror crept across my face. The doors began to open, and the light hit my face. Soon the seat began to fall as I screamed; the veins from my neck started to show. The water was beginning to hit my face as I was heading downward. They say this place is a land of fun and adventure, but when the darkness encompassed on my face I thought otherwise.

It was the summer of 2014 my trip to California started with the usual, a surprise family vacation to San Diego. My dad told us that we would be going to Sea World with our family
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"Blackfish" is a documentary about an Orca named Tilikum; who killed a Sea World trainer named Dawn Broncheau. Tilikum had ripped Dawn apart in front of a crowd of people. My brother Luke was still excited to go despite what we just saw. My sister Noah and I were still on the "bubble" about going. The time had finally rolled around when it was time to pack, we were going from July 1st-4th. We packed up the car us kids got situated in the back with our snacks, blankets, pillows, and all our games. Me being who I am I fell asleep for most of the trip. If you are like me then you know what it is like to drive with two younger siblings for six hours. My sister has to use the bathroom about twenty times in the first hour of the ride and my brother would complain if my iPad would not work. I would wake up here and there always to the sounds of my brother and sister taunting and irritating each other. One would say “STOP touching me!" Then the …show more content…
The drive to Sea World was not far from the hotel it was about forty-five minutes. We finally arrived at about nine, stood in a long line, and paid to get in. As soon as you entered the gates you where mesmerized by all the colors, animal, and rides. We bought these wrist bands that allowed you to get food anywhere for free. We went straight for the first restaurant we saw. I felt such gluttony with all the food I had piled on my tray. The food looked very decorative but it tasted mediocre. We finished eating, took a couple of pictures, and walked for a while until... we got to a roller coaster. Roller coasters are perilous and very scary, but my parents insisted that I should ride the “Atlantis” ride. We stood in a long line and when we got in our seats I said a little prayer and we took off. We got to the top of the ride and I was enclosed in a dark room, I started panicking because I thought the ride broke down. All of a sudden the seats began to go side to side and the doors began to open slowly. We started to lean forward and plummet downward, I screamed so hard my throat hurt. Suddenly water flew up now I was scared, cold, wet and the flash of a camera went off. The ride came to an end, we got off and went into this room that had all these pictures including the one of us. My dad ended up buying the picture, because all of us kids had priceless faces. Luke hade